Johnny Heuer Design is a decoration studio in Blumenau that has a strong performance throughout Itajaí Valley and coast of Santa Catarina.

Consolidated solid company over the years, the studio is directed by Johnny Heuer, a dreamer, passionate about his work and great experience that creates and directs all production.

The decorator Johnny Heuer has known amazing places in the East and West, visiting from the trendy New York, the sophisticated Paris, contemporary China and even places like Cappadocia and Instambul, cultural wealth centers, where he visited exhibitions and samples, searching for trends.

Art lover, Johnny seeks sophistication in straight lines and natural elements. His work consists consulting decoration and coating, already participating in large projects such as the Brava Home Resort and Brava beach - today a reference point for the world.

In the studio, they are 35 years dedicated to creation and innovation, where each space is transformed into art to provide better quality of life.

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